We are happy to offer the perfect opportunity for early adopters of Digital Names.

TNS Speculator

Digital Names are Here. Your Profit Window is now.

Digital Names...a revolution in the Crypto Wallet space!

TNS has developed a fresh revenue stream for e-commerce resellers that has reignited the DNS market explosion of the mid 90’s .com boom.

Digital Names are being used by thousands of people to bring together their unique Crypto Wallet Keys stored under a simple easy to remember name. This has provided people with a consolidated solution that has yet to be seen in the Crypto Space.

Secure your LIFETIME membership for 49.95 which includes your first Digital Name credit.

The lifetime membership includes:

  • Ability to use Digital Name Credits, for quick $name registration
  • Access to our bulk rate pricing to help expand your profit margins.
  • Premium customer support to help get your questions answered quickly.
  • Access to our API system used to integrate with your B2C platform.

Speculators Make Mad Money!

For speculators, we give
unbeatable bulk rates for Digital Name credits.

Stake your claim in a market ready to explode!

Save upfront money by purchasing your Digital Name credits in bulk. The more you buy, the more you save. This gives you the opportunity to generate income selling digital names at a price of your choosing.

By purchasing Digital Name credits through our system, you will be securing a place in a mass distribution chain that gives you the opportunity to generate revenue far surpassing the current volume of the DNS market.

Digital Names Speculator Pricing
25 Digital Name credits 10%
50 Digital Name credits 15%
100 Digital Name credits 20%
500 Digital Name credits 25%

Leverage The CryptoNames Marketplace

Many speculator members have seen the writing on the wall. One of which, has launched a marketplace where end users and speculators are able to resell their Digital Names at no additional cost to the seller.

This has added an unexpected, new dynamic to the Digital Names ecosystem. This free market structure allows users to post any of their Digital Names for sale in a decentralized, open commerce space.

We believe in our product and want users across the world to have uninhibited access to Digital Names.

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